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January 3, 2013
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.: BL-A : Gus Windchester :. by CrossChuckles .: BL-A : Gus Windchester :. by CrossChuckles
I finally finished the application! oh gosh it was so evil to me but I am so glad to be done with it! :iconcryforeverplz:

the results make me happy..I tired to make him as purdy as possible.. ;>


decided to revamp Gus and use him for a nice group my friend helps run. ; v ;

I hope to make many new friends here and have a good time rping and what not~<3
andalsoboysmut...I like that shiz.. :iconheplz:

I will try my best to be as active as possible and drag my saggy ass to the chatroom! sdofuihdufioghfg- :iconlazycryplz:


:iconredsparklesplz:Ways I can RP:iconredsparklesplz:
:bulletred: Via Note
:bulletred: Via Yahoo/Skype Messenger
:bulletred: Via Comments
:bulletred: Via BL-A Applicant Chatroom

➢ Name: Gus Windchester
➢ Alias: Gus, Gusty, Gutsy, Blondie, Bloke, "Captain"
➢Age: 17
➢ Height: 6'1 ft //
➢ Weight: 168 lbs //
➢ Gender: penis Male
➢ Hair Color: Blonde (one side is dyed )
➢ Eye Color: Dark Blue

➢ Grade: Junior

➢ Class: N/A

➢ Favorite Flower: Indian Paintbrush

➢ Birthday: July 18th (Cancer)

➢ Nationality: British

➢ Voice: N/A

➢ Distinguishing Features: Fairly tall, long jagged scar across his face and under eye, long legged, Slight British Accent, nice ass, Two-toned hair style, aloof and gentle smile with a hidden mischievous side.

➢ Special Talents/Attributes:
A very good artist, he specializes in photo realism and portraits. Sometimes backgrounds and animals.

Very creative and quick on his feet, he comes up with well thought out plans in very little time. An "idea master".

High endurance due to many years of Cross Country.

Quite good at playing his French Horn and a few other brass instruments.

Photographic memory, he is very good at remembering exact and intrinsic details.

Usually a very patient person, and takes a while to get him worked up and flustered.

➢ Personality:
A very laid back person, it is hard to make get him upset or emotional unless things go REALLY bad.

Despite Gus' kind disposition at first he is a wicked prankster, and although quiet and kind on the outside he has a very devious mind in the terms of revenge.

Has a rather dark sense of humor, he likes to share..very "interesting" stories among familiar company.

Although he may speak softly at times he is very loud in his actions, if he does not like you he will find ways of getting revenge on you..x'D (even if your a teacher)

Most of the time he can be rather upbeat and sometimes childish, can be an overall joy to be around if you play your cards right.

Very loyal and believes himself to be a "penguin" when it comes to relationships.

Becomes flustered in relationships at times. (xDD)

Is a very curious person, once he is curious about something he won't let go of it until he finds out the who? what? mean? and how? behind it.

Gus has nerves of steel when it comes to some things, ghosts, guts 'n gore, anything of that sort he is not really one to spook easily.

At times he can be rather moody and not want to talk to anyone for a while until he calms down, he is displeased or aggravated he usually retorts with sarcasm of backhand insults.

➢ Likes + Dislikes:

❤ 70s & 80s Punk rock British bands (like Sex Pistols, The Ramones, etc. )
❤ Anything with the Paranormal, he has a morbid fascination.
❤ Art (drawing, painting, sketching, etc. )
❤ People who share/tolerate his odd sense of dark humor.
❤ Video games
❤ Cats
❤ Stalking around and hunting in dark, creepy areas, like the woods or abandoned buildings. (go place to scare the crap out of peopel)
❤ His younger sisters
❤ Pranking
❤ Bullying the bullies, usually them and making them feel insignificant
❤ Loyal people
❤ Fashion (he likes to dress nice if you can't tell. uvu;; )
❤ Running
❤ Playing his French Horn and other classical instruments
❤ Scary movies

X..Being ignored
X.. Rude people
X.. Being told what to do, how to live his life, etc. etc.
X..His mother
X..Having his pranks/plans backfire on him
X..Loogies, Snot & Vomit. (only few things that make him physical sick)
X..Sappy, romance movies & stories
X..Tea (he likes Coffee xD)
X..Having his scar touched or scratched by people he is not close too.
X..Being threatened
X..People after him just his body physical appearance.
X..Being left behind.
X..Anything Math and Science related
X..Becoming emotional in front of others.

➢ Bedroom Position: " Seke "
Gus is pretty flexible when it comes to relationships, if so desperately wanted by his partner he will let them top, but if they end up doing a crap job he will take over.

➢ Turns Ons
- Getting his neck touched/scratched or bitten.
- His scar touched lightly or rubbed since the skin is sensitive around it.
- Loyalty, someone who is true to their partner and doesn't cheat around.
- Back and shoulder massages.
- Being a good cook.
- When people are knowledgeable or passionate about their subjects.
- People with a sense of adventure and stepping outside their comfort zone.

➢ Dreams: With his strong sense of justice and love of art, he hopes to become a sketch artist for the Police force someday. His near death experience with a dangerous offender fueled his passion to stop and imprison felonies by drawing of of verbal physical descriptions to put the offender behind bars.

➢ Phobias:
- Merinthophobia ( Fear of being bound up or tied up.)
- Agoraphobia ( Fear of situations in which escape is difficult.)
- Hoplophobia ( Fear of fire arms, such as guns. )
- Also he is scared of what might be under the bed due to trauma in his past. He will LITERALLY do a running jump onto his bed to avoid getting near the edges.

➢ Background:
Gus grew up with just his mother and two younger sisters in the outskirts of London. Their father soon lost his life due to a street fight that got out of hand and the poor many happened to be a "witness'. The mother was never the same and became very bitter and resentful of her loss, she would love on her two younger daughters leaving Gus in the dark.

To coop with his loss and neglect, Gus decided to become fiercely independent and be his own leader, in search of finding his direction in life. He had a small group of close friends growing up, starting out as a shy, sad boy he soon became very brave and courageous thanks to the help of his good friends. To escape their own troubled realities they would go out late in the night into the woods "ghost hunting" and searching for other scary and supernatural phenomena.

Gus was always quiet about his homosexuality until the age of 15 when a life changing event happened in his life. After fun night of drinking and sharing stories around the campfire in the woods behind boarding school, one of the members of the group decided to want to explore the abandoned wing of campus. Which was rumored to be a hospital barrack back in the 1940s. Gus being the elected "Captain" of their small group reluctantly agreed on the quest due from peer pressure. With his two friends close at his side they climbed through the back window and into the abandoned building. After a while they stumbled across a back door which lead up to a dark attic. Stricken by chills and a sudden coldness Gus froze in his tracks, feeling sick with fear.

"Way to be a wuss Gussy!" laughed Cheryl one of his friends, as she encouraged Alec to hoist her up into the attic to explore for herself. The two boys exchanged a look of horror and waited. A sudden ear piercing scream soon came after. Fearing for the life of her friend, Gus bravely leapt up into the attic to save his friend, telling Alec to stay behind in case something happens. As he scrambled in the dark, the light of his cellphone not doing much he felt a cold gust of wind behind him. He soon found Cherly huddled near an abandoned bed, pale as a ghost. Gus approached her to try and coax her back but felt a clawed hand shoot out from underneath the bed and drag him onto the floor, pulling him into the depths of underneath the mattress. Cherly shrilled out in horror pointing at the offender who seized Gus' ankles.

Terrified to turn around Gus found himself glancing back into the horror of a terrifying, demonic apparition. It looked like an old, gaunt man, the skin hanging loosely from it's face and eye sunken way back into it's sockets like endless black holes, with a beady red center. Frozen with fear the poor boy could not move as he opened his mouth to scream but no sound came out. Cherly lept from her corner grabbing at Gus' arm valiantly trying to fear him from the deathly grasp. This angered the spirit causing it to release a horrible moan as it raised his arm back to attack, kicking himself free and grabbing Cherly he dashed madly in the dark towards the opening of the attic, he felt a cold wind behind his back and pain struck his face immediately, like it was attacked by burning knives.

Once escaping the clutches of the abandoned building they dashed madly back to the safety of their dorms, never to speak or go near the abandoned wing again. The encounter drastically changed them all. First effecting Cheryl, who never seemed sane again after what she has witnessed and soon became to drank heavily. One night trapped in her labyrinth of her fears and what she has witnessed she hung herself in her own room. Which devastated the two boys. Alec found himself having horrible nightmares, while Gus was plagued with sleepless nights. The two boys became very close after the indent and even ended up sleeping in the same bed in their dorm room. Brought closer due to the incident and recent lose of their friend Cheryl.

Feeling safer with his friend Gus finally announced his sexuality to Alec. Who in turned accepted him, and soon after formed a relationship. After finishing the first two years of boarding school together, they soon went their separate ways, leaving Gus broken hearted. His mental health soon deteriorated after Alec's absence. His mother unsympathetic and particularly resentful of her son's sexuality decided to ship off to a boarding school far away. So all his "trigger factors" would be left behind and partly so she would know have to deal with him.

Gus agreed, finding that he needed to find himself again like the time after his father's death. Finding no solace back in his country, he applied to many schools and was soon intrigued about BL-A. He packed his bags, and sought off to start a new chapter in his life. His artistic passion renewed after his near-fatal encounter with the spirit/man that he still questions this day. Determined to make a difference in lives, one sketch at a time.

➢ In a relationship with:
:heart: NOBODY. (AKA "FOREVER ALONE~") :iconforeveraloneplz:

➢ Relationships with other Students & Teachers:

:bulletred: I look forward to meeting the peeps~

➢ Gus Factoids:
:bulletred: He is Bilingual, he can speak some German although not quite perfected.

:bulletred: He has a slight accent which can be heard in his pronunciation of some words, etc.

:bulletred: He still has the scars on his ankle and legs from the attack, he always keeps them covered with bandages.

:bulletred: Although he is not a true believer of the paranormal due to his logical mindset he still questions the beyond and presses his luck "ghost hunting" at night.

:bulletred: He used to be a french horn player during middle school and was exceptionally well, but sadly his family could not afford to put him in the top ranked schools for music in which he ventured off into the artistic branch as a last resort.

:bulletred: Gus is a rather strange dude..he can sit there and enjoy watching gore and blood on the tv but if someone were to come up and hack loogies or make gagging noise (pretending to lose their lunch) he will almost immediately get sick and puke XDD.

:iconbl-a: =Prince-Geek

Gus Windchester *CrossChuckles
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NocturnalMyth Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can we rp qwq
CrossChuckles Nov 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Ahh I'm sorry dear I'm not very active with the club at the moment ; n ; - ;; 
I might be withdrawing soon D; 

but even if he is not a part of the club we can still rp sometime if you want ; v ;
NocturnalMyth Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
with which rp groups are ya then? 

I'd really love to rp with you ;v;
CrossChuckles Nov 26, 2013  Student General Artist
The rpg groups I am in, are listed on my front page ' v '
I'm in too many at the moment.. xD

yes that would be awesome~ ; v ;
NocturnalMyth Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


I so want to join the group 

My app is already done and all 
CrossChuckles Nov 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Yessum  I am! I'm one of the district leaders actually ~ ' v ' 

that's awesome yo! I can't wait to see it~ >u<

also gklhgkjthigkjhgh-- thanks for the watch Q A Q<3333
NocturnalMyth Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahah its not a problem

I have it in my stash want me to send a link? 
CrossChuckles Nov 26, 2013  Student General Artist
hehe ~ :iconbrohugplz:

Sure that would be awesome~~ C:

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Animulus Feb 11, 2013   General Artist
So...amazingly...perfectly...just...I...I love you. *tries to kidnap, but is to tall* Damnit.
CrossChuckles Feb 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Bahahaha! * v * thank you very much~ glad you like him.
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